these aren’t all performance enhancing drugs. Some are banned within their lead to athletes injuring themselves, for example. It could be called Drugs banned from intercontinental sporting competitions, but that’s unwieldy. I created it for the olympics themed write a thon, Thus the name. Perhaps Drugs banned by everybody Anti Doping agency, But that name is long also. existing title is technically correct, But the same page works as a catalog under the World Anti Doping Agency article as well, I should make a reroute from Drugs banned at wholesale nhl jerseys
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Olympics too, maybe. i might search under that title. he E. Volk 14:31, 27 June 2008 (CDT)2


I have just nominated this particular article for approval. Milton Beychok 19:12, 27 might 2009 (UTC)

glad i found it Milton. I made the hinted at redirect. brian E.

Some goods that caught my attention:

illegal androgenic agents: Consider reversing order of third and fourth sentences

in respect of the lists of banned androgenic steroids: express words ‘exogenous’ and ‘endogenous’

Paragraph on blood doping will need to have subheader; additional out of place’

Hormones and related things: First sentence should begin word ‘certain’, and really should define ‘peptide’

experiment with 2 agonists: needs to say why banned, physiological mechanism. They reduce anxiety? Lower hypotension? brian E. Volk 20:49, 30 may 2009 (UTC)

Beta blockers reduce tremor for aiming at and archery. For other competitive sports, They might well be action decreasing.

I can’t think of what results cannabinoids could improve, Eating not an Olympic sport. Glucocorticoids are banned because they might mask a orthopedic injury or other inflammation; I believe inhaled corticosteroids for verified respiratory disease are now allowed. Howard k. Berkowitz 00:39, 31 might just 2009 (UTC)