According to Diocesan spokesman Robert Tayek, all the new priests are 30 or younger and have completed at least seven years of schooling beyond high school. Those who attended Borromeo Seminary in Wickliffe after high school got their undergraduate degrees from John Carroll University in University Heights. All are also graduates of St. Mary Seminary, which shares the same campus as Borromeo at 28700 Euclid Ave. The two educational facilities are part of the diocesan Center for Pastoral Leadership.

According to Moore’s own statement, he lunged at Officer Arnold Strickland, grabbing his .40 caliber Glock automatic and shot Strickland twice, once in the head. Officer James Crump heard the shots and came running. Moore met him in the hallway, and fired three shots into Crump, one of them in the head.

Laxatives stimulate bowel activity, but relying on them too much can lead to more constipation. Over time, the nerve cells that release the necessary chemicals for your colon to do its thing end up depleted. This leads to your bod needing higher and higher doses of laxatives to do the trick until eventually, they don’t work at all.

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Everybody wants to have great sex and an awesome relationship but not everyone is willing to go through the tough communication, the awkward silences, the hurt feelings and the emotional psychodrama to get there. And so they settle. They settle and wonder “What if?” for years and years and until the question morphs from “What if?” into “What for?” And when the lawyers go home and the alimony check is in the mail they say, “What was it all for?” If not for their lowered standards and expectations for themselves 20 years prior, then what for?