hurricane Isaac Videos: Anderson Cooper reporting in Louisiana

As Tropical Storm Isaac gained strength in the Gulf of Mexico over the past weekend Anderson flew from the Republican National Convention in Tampa to New Orleans. CDT Isaac was upgraded to a Category 1 storm while using National Hurricane Center. CDT the national Weather Service Doppler radar indicated that Isaac made a first landfall along the coast of southeast Louisiana in the marshland of Plaquemines Parish, southwest of the mouth of the Mississippi River, With maximum continual winds of 80 mph. CDT near vent Fourchon, 60 miles southeast of recent Orleans, According to an morning update by the National Hurricane Center.

Hope all of you are staying warm in the storm. I never did fully grasp something by these media folks. I am sure you guys are paid very well, But do you really have to struggle so much to get the news. Why do you stand in the rain and cover the news I never did understand the concept. get real, You can stand in a room etc nonetheless show us the storm.

greetings Anderson, I wish you can get out before this election and come vist the people aren’t spoke about, The people that are not even talked about unless they are speaking about the poor people in the USA! I dont just consider myself poor, I work every single day. I have a daughter that starts her first year of college this fall and I am pushing on because I would love to see someone from this poor family acheived success in the USA. My grandmother worked all of her life and at the age of 87 she cant get a homehealth aid under her health cover. I have 4 generations of college Grads in this family and do you know of we are still waiting for that American Dream. I pray that someone I am wholesale nfl jerseys reaching out to will visit my community and see the struggel we the poor people go threw day after day and I dont belive thier is no Rep or Dem that will ever understand or have a clue about we the so called middle class or poor people go threw repeatedly. AC I think this will be a great story for you and the world to open thier eyes to.